Registered Service Dogs

Service Dogs [aka companion dogs] have a definite purpose:  to enrich the life of the owner, and to help the owner become more self-sufficient.

With your registration, the possession of a Registered Service Dog Certification certificate and PVC ID Card will go a long way toward relieving the stresses incurred by wrongly being denied accessibility to public facilities, public transportation, private housing, etc.  Our certification is recognized by every major domestic airline, regardless of your disability.



Please make sure to fill up and download the doctor’s statement form before or after your purchase. Please fill it up and have your doctor sign it. Then fax it over to us.

  • If you are a new customer, you need to order the registration first. Ordering an ID or a PATCH alone is not possible without a dog registration unless you are existing customer.
  • If you are an existing customer ordering a patch or id alone, you need to send via email or fax your dog registration issued by Registered Service Dogs signed by your doctor.


MAIN PACKAGE – 75$ with 5$ Shipping Fee